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Joe Twyman

Joe Twyman

UK, 2017

One of Britain’s best known political pollsters, Joe Twyman is Co-Founder and Director of Deltapoll. He previously worked as Head of Political and Social Research at YouGov and was a director at the founding of the company back in 2000.

Prior to leading the Political and Social Research Team at YouGov, Joe held a variety of senior positions within the company and was responsible for building the company’s online research operations. He also spent two and a half years in Baghdad as a director of YouGov’s Iraq operation from 2007 to 2010.

He has worked as an affiliated lecturer at the University of Cambridge, a visiting professor at the University of Sheffield, a visiting Research Fellow at the University of Manchester and a summer school instructor at the University of Essex.

In his spare time he enjoys his ‘Three Fs’: films, food and photography.

Plus he likes to swim – a lot – so if you see him wandering around in just a pair of Speedos you can be rest assured it’s for a good reason.