Past conferences

The highlight of the BAP events calendar is our annual conference, which alternates between the US and the UK.

The four-day conference provides new delegates the opportunity to experience BAP at its best; and for Fellows to reconnect, learn and challenge themselves outside their normal day-to-day environment.

The conferences are based on topical issues of interest to both UK and US Fellows. They are structured to provide an interactive, challenging and diverse approach to key questions and debates. The conferences usually incorporate site visits to bring the learning and experience to life, as well as a varied social programme, to enhance the networks and relationships that form the lifeblood of the organisation.

Freedoms: New and Old

2010 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Our 25th anniversary conference delved into examining freedom in various aspects. The topics we discussed included the freedom to discriminate, to bear arms and the tensions inherent in societal relations

Choice: Tyranny or Freedom?

2011 - London, United Kingdom

In a world of personal freedom and rampant consumerism, how do you set your moral compass? Key sessions included: Economic Choices, Consumer Choices, Media Choices, Choosing who to Save, Tough

Creative Destruction

2012 - New Orleans, Louisiana

The conference investigated the theme of evolution emerging from disorder. Core sessions investigated business growth amidst uncertainty, environmental impact for the 21st Century and the criticality of identity, within the

Innovation: From Cradle to Grave

2013 - Cambridge, United Kingdom

From the home of innovation, the conference took a personal view looking at how it will affect all aspects of our lives. By bringing together experts from both sides of

Money: Winners and Losers

2014 - Las Vegas, Nevada

What happens when the only barometer to success is MONEY? What does it mean to the values, the culture, and the society? Key sessions included: state and local government activity,

Insiders and Outsiders

2015 - Dublin/Belfast, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland, hosted BAP's 30th Conference, the first outside the UK and USA, and included a day of site visits in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The theme was a deep dive

  • A New Reckoning Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Flourish, Together Glasgow, Scotland
  • Choose Hope Virtual Conference
  • #FindYourEpic Cardiff, Wales
  • Technology and the Accelerating Rate of Change Seattle, Washington
  • Living Well in the 21st Century Manchester, England
  • No Limits Houston, Texas
  • Insiders and Outsiders Dublin/Belfast, Ireland
  • Money: Winners and Losers Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Innovation: From Cradle to Grave Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Creative Destruction New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Choice: Tyranny or Liberation? London, England
  • Freedoms: New and Old Philadelphia, PA
  • From Abundance to Scarcity: Sustainability and Development in the 21st Century Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Rethinking Popular Culture Los Angeles, California
  • Faith and Justice Newcastle, England
  • Crisis in Education: Reforming our System for the 22nd Century Boston, Massachusetts
  • Social Enterprise Birmingham, England
  • City and Regions of the Future Chicago, Illinois
  • Our Shared Future Cardiff, Wales
  • The Public Interest Washington, DC
  • Do the Right Thing: Ethics in Professional Life Oxford, England
  • Innovation and Its (Dis)Content Basking Ridge, New Jersey
  • Art & Soul - Making Culture Count Harrogate, England
  • Are You Global? New Orleans, Louisiana
  • The Politics of Identity Peebles, Scotland
  • Science and Society - Separation or Synergy? Dallas, Texas
  • The City We Inhabit Inhabits Us - The Renewal of Civil Society Old Windsor, England
  • Beyond Conflict, Shaping the Pluralistic Community Oakland, California
  • The Management of Conflict Newcastle, Ireland
  • Effecting Change Through Individual Responsibility Atlanta, Georgia
  • The Process of Change Buxted Park, England
  • The Management of Diversity Airlie, Virginia
  • The Management of Change Buxted Park, England
  • Present Alliance, Future Challenges St Louis, Missouri
  • The Pace of Change Turnberry, Scotland
  • Common Bonds and Common Challenges Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • The Public Interest: Whose Is It? Oxfordshire, England