Partnering with BAP

  • Access for the company or organisation to a dynamic transatlantic group, drawn from a wide range of professions and sectors
  • Unique personal development opportunities for members of your talent pool
  • Other benefits tailored to your firm’s specific goals

BAP provides a unique opportunity for companies and organisations to forge partnerships with a transatlantic leadership group that is dynamic, stimulating and far-reaching. Our Fellowship enables talented professionals opportunities to test their limits, learn from the perspectives and experiences of others, and challenge (or be challenged) on their own assumptions about the world.

We offer a range of partnering and sponsorship opportunities to businesses and organisations. From industry specific panel events that can be tailored to your business needs, invites to thought provoking debates, discussions affecting the transatlantic relationship, and most importantly access to the BAP Leadership Network Programme.

Companies and organisations that participate in the BAP Leadership Network Programme provide a gateway for their highfliers to go through a challenging leadership experience and enjoy a variety of diverse events and conferences in both the UK and the US. Corporate partners are able to select their most talented employees to participate in the BAP selection process. Pre-selected corporate candidates need to demonstrate their leadership potential within their organisations. By taking part in the BAP Leadership Network Programme your candidates can broaden their horizons and participate in lively networking opportunities with the BAP Fellowship.

Previous candidates have found that their BAP experience has been inspiring and motivating. It has also given them a unique insight into a diverse range of organisations and professions nurturing lifelong relationships from both sides of the Atlantic. Organisations have found the BAP Leadership Network Programme complements more traditional training programmes and equips their future leaders to be more rounded and ready to meet the challenges they may face. Access to a unique network of leaders who provide ongoing support compounds the growth candidates may achieve in their organisational roles.

If you’d like to discover how to become a Corporate Partner and find out more about our Leadership Programme, please email our UK Project Director at or Jody Tucker Davis our US Project Director at