Joining BAP

The British-American Project strives to draw its membership from as wide a selection of backgrounds and fields as possible. The competition for places is generally fierce. Both the US & UK Executive committees are responsible for selecting new delegates to the annual conference – existing Fellows, Advisory Board members, donors and partner organisations, are invited to submit nominations each spring. Each year we run a rigorous selection process to identify 20-24 individuals from the US and 20-24 from the UK, to join the Fellowship from all walks of life: business, media, law, government, parliament, the armed services, the public sector and creative industries. We receive over 200 nominations from existing BAP Fellows, Advisory Board members, donors and outside organisations. The respective Executive Committees in the US and UK evaluate these nominations against the following criteria:

  • The ability to take risks with ideas;
  • The ability to offer significant insights from both their own specialism and other domains;
  • Interest in the views of others;
  • Interest in the transatlantic dimension of the Project;
  • Leadership – achievement or potential to make significant impact in their fields;
  • A personality which combines well with the chemistry of the conference.
  • Longer term potential to benefit the person/the Project.

Nominees are generally between 28-40 years old, with a proven track record of achievement and high future potential. Delegates are chosen on the basis that they will contribute to, and benefit from, the experience of the four-day conference and subsequent lifelong membership of the Fellowship.

In the UK, candidates attend selection interviews which take the form of a round table discussion with between 8 and 12 nominees. These are usually held in the spring. Regardless of outcome, the Project tries to make the selection evening an enjoyable experience in itself.

In the US, nominees submit written applications and are then grouped by Region. Regional chairs act as coordinating points for these nominations and create short lists. The regional short lists are then sent to a National Selections Committee for final consideration.

The composition of the final group of 40-44 successful nominations is rarely about the calibre of the candidate or their specific achievements. By definition, those who are nominated are already well-recognised in their respective fields.

BAP focuses on what they are likely to contribute to BAP, and how they might benefit from the experience of the annual conference and lifelong membership of the Fellowship. In selecting candidates each year, the Committees ensure that the Fellowship maintains the rich diversity of professions, experiences, and perspectives that makes BAP the unique experience it is.

Successful nominees receive bursaries for their first year’s attendance at BAP’s annual conference. These bursaries are generously funded by the Fellowship and our corporate partners.
For more information about selections, please contact the UK or US Project Director.