2021 Conference

2021 Annual Conference, Glasgow

Flourish, Together

BAP 2021 conference will be one of the first social and professional in-person engagements for many of us after what has been one of the hardest periods in living history. The BAP Fellowship has for the first time since our conception had a year without our annual in-person conference.

We want to provide our Fellowship and new delegates with a much longed for meaningful and truly cathartic experience. What better place than Glasgow, known for its optimism and history of collaboration, pragmatism and progression, to bring us all together again.  In Glasgow’s iconic and historic Grand Central Hotel, BAP will reunite under Glasgow’s motto: Flourish, Together.

Conference Values

We will reflect, share, collaborate and learn with four key values in mind:

–          Purpose

–          Rebirth

–          Healing

–          Opportunity

The Glasgow Coat of Arms represents the ancient history of Glasgow and is based around the symbols underpinning the history of St Mungo, the Patron Saint of Glasgow, who died in 603 after founding the monastery that is now Glasgow Cathedral.

Those symbols are enshrined within a poem known to every Glasgow schoolchild.

There’s the tree that never grew,

There’s the bird that never flew,

There’s the fish that never swam,

There’s the bell that never rang.

BAP will embrace Glasgow’s history to focus our content and participation around four key values explored through panels, outstanding and inspirational external speakers, workshops and discussions, as well as exclusive access to local organisations, businesses and stakeholders.

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