BAP Values

Download the BAP Values December 2018 document as a pdf

Here you can read and download the BAP Values document that all Fellows are asked to share and observe throughout their BAP Fellowship.

British American Project (BAP) Values – December 2018


– Transatlantic Social Capital

Social capital is defined as “the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively” and “transactions are marked by trust, reciprocity, and cooperation.” BAP was founded with the mandate that we develop transatlantic relationships in order to build, increase, and foster the social capital between the United States and the United Kingdom. This purpose is based in a core belief in the positive value of the transatlantic alliance — past, present and future.


– Intellectual Challenge

In the spirit of friendship, BAP strives to challenge and engage the respective narratives of each society by introducing members to cultural, geographic, economic, social, and political opportunities to learn, investigate, grow, rethink, and understand each country’s respective contributions locally and globally, in the past, present, and future. As a transatlantic leadership network, BAP engages its members in exploring the differences, similarities, and best practices of our respective nations. We aim to inform, to question, and even to shift our views of our countries’ contributions past, present, and (especially) future in our own lives and communities, and around the world.


– Respectful Discourse

BAP values the kaleidoscope of our members’ thoughts, experiences, and perspectives. Under the ‘Chatham House Rule’ of non-attribution, Fellows are free to express divergent views without fear of being quoted or misquoted in external and social media. We believe in, and facilitate, respectful debate and discourse as a gateway for personal and professional growth. And that further, within that space of discourse is the opportunity for enduring friendship, empathy, compassion, grace, and social change.


– Diversity and contrasts

BAP strives to develop a membership that is diverse and multi-faceted, knowing that our contrasts serve to enlighten discourse and facilitate learning from each other. BAP opposes discrimination. We select members through a lens of diversity. Our selections process values candidates who engage in intellectual curiosity, fellowship within their community both locally and globally, a love of learning and leading, and a spirit imbued with innovation and accomplishment.


– Inclusion and acceptance

With the privilege of BAP membership comes the responsibility to create and foster a climate in which all members feel included and accepted with respect and dignity. We gather with open hearts and open minds.


– Community: Family and Friendship

The BAP experience is unique. It bonds members in the shared memories, cultivated and curated by the conferences, social media connections, as well as formal and informal gatherings. These friendships are cemented by provocative discussions, debates, plenaries, the laughter in late night storytelling, the fun of music and dancing, and the sombreness of shared grief. BAP is a family; each conference is a reunion. The BAP community empowers and supports each other through life’s journeys, buoying through travails and celebrating the triumphs and joys. Conferences and BAP gatherings bring the promise of stimulation, dialogue, intellection, ideation, laughter, and levity and with each new interaction, the opportunity for fresh ideas, perspectives, and growth.