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Herb Enmarch-Williams

UK, 2003

I now work primarily in the “creative business” arena. I am an experienced leader, manager and creative thinker / business planner / strategist whose career has spanned business, commercial and professional roles, as well as social enterprise, non-profits and philanthropy.My work in this arena ranges from video content creation and event production through to actor-presenter-host-interviewer engagements.I am involved in video content development and production along with my colleagues at tricordfilms. We focus on video communications and the creation and development of video content, from ideas generation and storyboarding through to filming, production and distribution. I am also a highly experienced corporate role play actor regularly engaged by companies and organisations in the UK in connection with both recruitment processes and in-house training.I also create, develop, produce and host events, particular focused around themes related to technology & innovation. I am passionate about envisioning the future and building towards it, particularly on account of my experience in the area of strategy development and business planning. This is coupled with a deep love of technology innovation and a longstanding interest in futurism (which I frequently blog about).I am in fact highly entrepreneurial (despite having been a corporate lawyer earlier in my career!) with a strong passion for new ventures and new projects, particularly those that have international dimensions. I have had longstanding involvement in international business development & marketing and partnering facilitation, with many years accumulated experience of working in the transatlantic arena. I am privileged to represent one of the 50 States of the USA in the UK as its (honorary) Commercial Consul.And also, I am a talented, highly experienced multi-instrumentalist playing piano / keyboard, guitar, bass guitar and drums & percussion, as well as writing music and singing too. And I love film!