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Andy Gibson

Andy Gibson

UK, 2018

I am a writer, consultant and entrepreneur who specialises in helping people take better care of their minds. 

I founded Mindapples, a social enterprise based in London that promotes public understanding of the mind and campaigns for better public mental health. We work with all kinds of clients including many US investment banks, NewsCorp, Sotheby’s, Tesco, Gatwick Airport, Lendlease, Accenture, L'Oreal, IABC, the Nature Conservancy and Unicef.

I write about the future of health, work and society. My first book, A Mind for Business (Pearson, 2015), won Gold in the CBI Management Book of the Year Awards. My second, The Mind Manual (Hamlyn, 2018), is an illustrated guide to managing your mind through the ups and downs of life. 

I’m also a former Trustee of the Royal Society of Arts and now a Trustee of the Conway Hall Ethical Society.