Nominators Guidance

As a Nominator, to ensure the best possible outcome for your Nominee, please take a moment to read through the following:

1. The fellowship network is BAP
2. Who to nominate
3. What to Remember About BAP when nominating
4. What it Costs
5. Working toward a BAP experience affordable to all
6. Questions to think about before nominating
7. Bring them to a local event
8. 800 words to help us improve
9. How to nominate
10. The nomination process
11. US nominations

As Fellow you will have gone through BAPs Selection process. Selecting 22-24 current and rising stars from a broad section of society – who are approximately between the ages of 28-40 years old, takes a few months.

These current and raising stars are nominated by you and your Fellows. Since 1989 BAP has competed for time, money and attention of very busy people, growing into an eclectic network of inspiring and successful individuals that have up held the UK and US essential relationship.

The fellowship network is BAP

How would you describe your relationship with BAP? The answers could be wide ranging, many not have been engaged, or BAP is/was no longer relevant to them. Others are inactive and supportive, some loosely engaged. While there are others are keen to re-engage, or are coming back to BAP and becoming more active.

Many of us are members of several other organisations, however there are few that offer BAPs unique intellectual stimulation, opportunity for personal growth and development, nor the opportunity to learn from a range of other leaders in unusual locations, developing unique relationships that are both personal and professional in the UK & US.

As a Nominator, part of your membership payment contributes to the significant investment to your Nominee’s first Conference experience. If you are new to BAP you will come to know, the true BAP experience is gained through multiple interactions at conferences and attendance to events throughout the year, and over many years.

Delegates in the past received a fully subsidised trip – contributed by the Fellowship – to become a BAP fellow at that year’s Conference. This subsidised trip is a significant investment, taken with the long term view of your nomination’s engagement, and ability to contribute to BAP’s purpose. We hope that you remember to nominate on this basis.

Who to nominate

Each year BAP selects 24 Delegates from 100s that are nominated in both the UK and US. These Delegates are selected on their ability to fulfil and contribute to BAP’s purpose along the essential relationship key strands. Those nominated go through Selections based on our Articles of Association which state the purpose of the BAP as:

1.1 Promoting knowledge and understanding between the UK and USA.
1.2 Advancing education and raising awareness between the two countries to promote good relations.
1.3 To encourage people to develop an enhanced sense of responsibility to their own and each other’s societies.

Who should you nominate in line with BAPs purpose?

  • Who have you heard of this year that has really impressed you?
  • Who has inspired you?
  • Who is your opposite?
  • Who has made you think outside the box?
  • Who do you know who has contacts in other fields that you could ask about suitable candidates?
  • Who can contribute to BAP’s purpose?

What to remember about BAP when nominating

Nominees should “generally” be between the age of 28 and 40, be leaders or people likely to make a significant impact in their field and have a broad spread of interests and experience.

We are particularly keen to receive nominations from outside London to build up BAP communities and networks all over the country. This is particularly important for future conference locations.

Potential candidates must be able to engage with BAP after their first conference. While price may be a factor for some, time is the scarce commodity. When nominating please keep in mind the factors that limit a Nominee’s engagement with BAP:

  • Work obligations/conflicts
  • Family obligations/conflicts
  • Quality and relevance of events/speakers/locations
  • Financial Costs
  • BAPs relevance to their life

What it costs

It’s not uncommon when joining an organisation that a membership fee is paid. Ideas to help BAP be more efficient and effective through our back office processes include, how those selected could be required to pay their membership for annual or monthly once given the confirmation of being a Delegate. Other ideas are towards, Delegates after experiencing conference to commit to being a Fellow of BAP within the 1st week of returning back from Conference by paying their membership fee starting at £150 per annum/ £12.50 per month.

As ever we seek a balance of candidates that have the ability to add to BAPs purpose, selected from the private, public, charitable and creative sectors – creates a challenge to not ‘out price’ BAP. However there is a cost both in terms of time and economic investment. Those being nominated must be made aware of the investment to attend future conferences and events around the UK and in the US.

The better briefed potential delegates are, the more likely they are to attend annual conferences and local events. They may in the future be a part of hosting and contributing to those conferences and events.

Working toward a BAP experience affordable to all

Part of the current Ad Bd and EC’s responsibilities are to continue and add to good work of past volunteering Ad Bd and EC’s who have guided and run our Project. Aside from the day-to-day operational and administrational tasks, the EC looks at ways to improve BAP and its value to every Fellow. The challenges remain to be able to get support from external partners, as well as raising funds through the Fellowship. The cost of Conference can out price participation of BAP for many, keeping the costs low is a focus of the Conference Planning Team, however flight, accommodation and event-space hire add up quickly. Guidance and assistance to help solve this issue is welcomed – please contact

Questions To Think About Before Nominating

  • Will my nominee commit to BAP’s long term future and purpose?
  • Will my nominee be able to attend and contribute to regular BAP events?
  • Will my nominee attend Conference more than once?
  • Can my nominee commit to all the Conference dates?
  • Can my nominee help with future Conferences in locations BAP has not been?

Can they commit to the Conference dates?

We want to attract people who will engage with BAP long term. It’s important to brief your nominee on what’s involved and the background and aims of BAP. Make sure your nominees know that you are putting their name forward, they are enthusiastic about being nominated, confirming their availability for the dates of: Seattle 8-12 November 2018

Bring them to a local event

It would be helpful for potential nominees to have been to at least one local event prior to being put forward to BAP, allowing Fellows to meet with potential delegates, and for potential delegates to assess if BAP is right for them.

800 Words To Help Us Improve

In the past we have asked handful of newly made Fellows to write up their first conference experience to help identify ways to improve our conferences and events. It’s worth mentioning that all selected will be required to write up approx. 800 words of their first conference experience.

How to nominate 

Nominations Deadline: 5th April 2018

To nominate you must be up to date with your membership. Nominations will only be considered if they are submitted online and all the questions completed.

To access the nomination form, log and go to the secure BAP Fellows’ section of the website as follows:

  • Click Fellows sign-in at the bottom of the page and enter your email address and then your password.
  • If you are logging in for the first time your password will be emailed to you
  • Click onto the “Selections” tab on the left hand side of the page
  • The UK nomination form is at the bottom of the page
  • If you only have one candidate, go to the bottom of the page and press submit
  • There is no need to submit a nominee’s CV and you may nominate a maximum of three candidates.

The Nomination Process

Selection meetings will be held in the next 3months this year in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and anywhere else that has a minimum of 4 nominees requesting a selection meeting. The Nominees’ Reception at the Deputy Ambassador’s residence in Kensington will be confirmed shortly. Nominee acceptance will be announced in the summer.

US Nominations

If you want to nominate a candidate who is in the US and is based there most of the year, you will need to submit a recommendation letter. The application will not be considered without a nomination letter as the US is not able to interview all candidates. Please review the Feb2018 Newsletter for links to the Form and Application. Further details from