Our annual conferences

The highlight of the BAP events calendar is our annual conference, which alternates between the US and the UK.

The four-day conference provides new delegates the opportunity to experience BAP at its best; and for Fellows to reconnect, learn and challenge themselves outside their normal day-to-day environment.

The conferences are based on topical issues of interest to both UK and US Fellows, and are structured to provide an interactive, challenging and diverse approach to the key questions and debates about that issue. The conferences usually incorporate site visits to bring the learning and experience to life, as well as a varied social programme, to enhance the networks and relationships that form the lifeblood of the organisation.

The 2023 conference will be held in Liverpool on November 9th thru 13th.

The cost of attending annual conferences is met by Fellows themselves or by their employers. We endeavour to keep travel and accommodation costs to a minimum, offer early bird discounts, and have a small hardship fund.